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Security Camera's

Home and Business Security Camera's

From standard analog security cameras, high definition analog camera, to feature-rich, high definition IP cameras, we offer a wide array of surveillance cameras to suit your video security needs. Our video cameras can be viewed anywhere in the world on your smartphone or tablet and support advanced video analytic features including criteria-based alerts, motion detection, and tampering alarms.


Stunning High Definition Video

Our network IP camera models feature video resolutions up to 6 megapixels that capture every detail in razor sharp clarity.



Night Vision Monitoring

Your facility is the most vulnerable after hours and our infrared CCTV cameras pierce through the darkness for 24/7 video monitoring.



Rugged Vandal proof Housings

These cameras are built with sturdy, reinforced camera housings to withstand multiple blows from vandals or flying objects.



Stay in Touch Anywhere, Anytime

Your security camera system is always at your fingertips and can be managed remotely on your iOS / Android smartphone or tablet.

Video Analytics’ (Smart Features)

Region entrance, region exiting, unattended baggage, objects removal, scene change, sudden audio increase/decrease, audio loss, defocuses, object counting, defog, Line crossing detection (4 lines), intrusion detection (4 regions)

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